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Motonago Room


Guest rooms
11 in total (two-storey wooden building)
Room types
Japanese style (all)
Big common bathroom
1 for ladies, 1 for gentlemen (Chartered use available)

Toilets and washing stands
Toilets and washing stands are situated on every floor.
Toilets are Western-style shower (“washlet”) toilets.
*We can look after your baggage even before you check in.
*Please inform us in advance if you would like to reserve a dinner plan, if you wish to check in later than 19:00.
Cash (Japanese yen) or credit card
towel, bath towel, yukata, Japanese socks, shaver,
shower cap, dryer, telephone, TV, handy (smartphone for guests), air conditioner, repellent
cosmetic cotton puff, cotton swab, hair brush, hairband

Free Internet connection (via PC at reception), all rooms have free Wi-Fi, converter plug, English guidebook, English newspaper, kiosk, vending machine
*These items are subject to availability and are offered on a first-come-first-served basis.
*We do not impose a curfew.
*We do not have laundry facilities. We will, however, gladly lead you to a coin-operated laundry facility nearby (3 minutes on foot).


Room Rates

- Charges shown below are for one night's stay in one room (Japanese yen; meal charge excluded).
- Service charge is included and consumption tax is included.
- Only 1,650 yen (service charge included, consumption tax excluded) per person will be charged as a facility fee for any guests between the ages of 0 and 3 years old (such guests are not subject to any additional charges).
- Extra rates will be applied between December 29th and January 3rd.
- Cancellation charges: 7 days prior to stay: 30%, day prior to stay: 50%, on the day / no-show: 100%

Number of guests E D
2 24,000〜 (26,400〜) 26,000〜 (28,600〜)
3 33,000〜 (36,300〜) 36,000〜 (39,600〜)
4 40,000〜 (44,000〜) 44,000〜 (48,400〜)
5 45,000〜 (49,500〜) 50,000〜 (55,000〜)
Number of guests C B
2 28,000〜 (30,800〜) 30,000〜 (33,000〜)
3 39,000〜 (42,900〜) 42,000〜 (46,200〜)
4 48,000〜 (52,800〜) 52,000〜 (57,200〜)
5 55,000〜 (60,500〜) 60,000〜 (66,000〜)


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